Bespoke Wallpapers by Tetsip Media


To prep the wall thoroughly, remove all dirt, old wallpaper, and flaking paint. Use a suitable filler to even out cracks and irregularities, achieving a smooth surface. After smoothing, filling, and sanding, ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Remove electrical coverings as advised.

Consider using primer to protect and seal the wall, preventing paste absorption into an unpainted surface and enhancing grip on slick surfaces. Priming before wallpaper installation is highly recommended for even adhesion and to ease future removal if updating is planned.

Please note that our wallpapers come in 40-50 inch panels that require overlap matching/cutting, and our website prices do not include installation services.

Upon request, we provide local application teams to our customers. These teams work in collaboration with us and are known for their reliability. However, we do not take responsibility for their conduct and performance.

Customers have the option to self-install, choose a local installer, or opt for an installer advised by Tetsip Media. It is the customers' responsibility to inspect the product before installation.

Change Wall Color:
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