Basics of Wallpaper selection

Following suggestions are provided on the basis of our experience. In case you feel you want to follow your own steps, you can do so. These are mere suggestions

How to select Wall Paper substrate (type of material on which you want your image to be printed)

See the light focus in your room, especially on the wall on which you r going to apply the wallpaper
Under strong focus of light matte material is preffered otherwise it might shine and obstruct views in certain areas
For walls where not much focus is there, semi gloss and gloss material will be effective, ALONG WITH MATTE
Textured wallpaper has semi gloss look, it can be applied under most of the lighting system
Usually textured wallpaper provides premium look and also premium feel as you touch the wall paper. Because of its feel some customers prefer this.


After selection of material please take measurement of wall or take help of any local carpenter, wallpaper applicator etc
You may add 1 inch extra for margin on your final measurement to avoid measurement error. It is your choice.
Substrate will come either in self adhesive form or non adhesive form.
Self Adhesive - Has in built glue. Just peel and apply. Non Adhesive - Applicator needs to apply glue externally
Smooth wall surface is preffered for best finish.
Self Adhesive Wallpaper can be applied on smooth wooden, glass and metal surfaces also. DIY also

Other Information

We suggest to always take of local wallpaper suppliers for measurement and application process.
Each panel of wallpaper has a width from 36 inches to 42 inches. So the rolls couriered to you will mostly come in this width. Number of rolls may increase depending on sizes.
We make customised sizes also, so no matter how big your wall is we can print and supply
Printing Quality and inks are same. Because of the base nature of substrate the outlook has a slight different appearance. Otherwise image quality is good on all substrate.
There might be slight variation in colour contrast etc, between the image you see on our website and what you paste. This coud be because the slight variation in appearance on your PC screen.
Longivity of the wallpaper is improved with the care we take of the wallpaper